Mediation and mentoring

Mediation and mentoring

Mediation and mentoring are now accepted methods of supporting teams or leaders in difficult situations.

It is not seen as an admission of weakness to look for support, but as a professional act to be able to react quickly and efficiently.


Conflicts in companies or in the private sector cost a lot of energy, time and money.

There are several ways to resolve a conflict. One possibility is mediation. A process whereby the parties to the dispute sit down with a neutral third party.

As a mediator, I am responsible for the conflict transformation process. In a confidential framework, I support the medians to find a solution on their own.

At the end of a successful mediation, the participants are in a “win-win situation”. That is, there are no losers and everyone will save one´s face.


Mentoring is a professional form of management consulting.

And thus a suitable opportunity for the development of personality, action and leadership competence of their employees at all levels of management.

New ways of thinking, different perspectives, other solutions are as much a part of good leadership skills as flexibility, creativity, acceptance and leadership.

As a mentor, I support you to build your authentic leadership skills. I offer you the space to discuss individual topics and to prepare upcoming decisions and the associated steps.

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